The Mission…

It is the mission of the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri to promote fraternal brotherhood between members of the Association throughout the State of Missouri. To encourage education and research related to the fire service. To disseminate reliable information, to promote mutual aid in the fire and rescue service, and cooperation with all law enforcement agencies pertaining to public safety. Furthermore this Association will promote the general welfare of the Fire Service and continue to improve the relationships of the fire service with the general public and to enlighten and educate the public as to the benefits and values of the services rendered by the Fire Fighters of the State of Missouri.

How does the FFAM achieve their mission? By keeping Missouri fighting fires!

The Program…

Strategies of Leadership: Retaining and Recruiting Emergency Service Volunteers and Strategies of Leadership: Principles of Public Relations for Retaining and Recruiting Volunteers are two programs that are designed to assist fire departments with recruiting and retaining volunteer firefighters. Staffing inadequacies in volunteer fire departments in Missouri put the departments, their communities and the volunteer firefighters who serve them in a position of escalated risk. The exposures and potential negative outcomes are numerous each time these understaffed departments respond to emergency incidents. Escalated fire losses, potentially inadequate care at emergency medical incidents due to staffing deficiencies and compromised level of fire fighter safety are the most direct risks.

Effective recruitment and retention of volunteer members will help address the need for volunteer personnel. More active personnel equates to a higher potential of operating at each emergency incident with adequate staffing to meet the demanding needs of the incident. By placing more trained personnel on emergency scenes, the level of efficiency will likely rise and the service to the public will be enhanced. Above all, the individual safety of all responding personnel will be heightened to help insure “everyone goes home” at the end of the incident.

The Delivery…

The two recruitment and retention programs will be delivered throughout the state eleven times each year for the next four years. Program deliveries are planned in each of the nine regional training areas, at the annual MU FRTI Winter Fire School and at the annual FFAM convention.

If you are interested in hosting the program in your area, contact FFAM at (660) 429-1327

(660) 429-1327